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What is the difference between a material hoist and a construction elevator
Time: 1657101177

1. Different transmission methods

The construction elevator generally adopts the transmission method of motor and gear. The conveying method of the material hoist is mainly the configuration of the main engine and the wire rope.

2. Different uses

Construction elevators are widely used in construction such as industrial and civil buildings, bridge construction, underground construction, large chimney construction and shipbuilding industry, etc. It is suitable for vertical transportation of materials and personnel, high towers and other places.

Material elevator is a fixed mechanical conveying equipment, mainly suitable for continuous vertical lifting of powdery, granular and small materials, and can be widely used in feed mills, flour mills, rice mills, oil mills of various sizes , starch factories, grain depots, port terminals, etc. for the promotion of bulk materials.

3. Different scope of application

Construction elevators can generally ensure the safety of personnel and material transportation, and special personnel are required to operate them. The material elevator can only carry out some simple material transportation, and the speed is relatively slow.