After-sales service

Pre-sale service

1) Provide you with free professional consulting services, formulate a variety of programs for you to choose, and recommend the most suitable products for you.
2) According to your needs, we specially design and manufacture non-standard products with special requirements for you.
3) Provide customers with preliminary training for equipment operation, maintenance and maintenance personnel.
4) For special projects, we will provide you with free professional technical advice and draw up detailed equipment construction plans for your reference.

In-sale service

1) According to the contract requirements, track, produce and deliver the equipment to ensure the safe and complete arrival of the equipment to the place designated by the customer.
2) Provide various technical parameters required for the pre-installation of equipment.

After-sales service

1) Equipment installation, commissioning and maintenance are carried out according to the contract or the time agreed by the customer.
2) According to customer needs, we will provide on-site training, and we will train qualified operators for you.
3) We receive and handle customer complaints about product quality and service quality 24 hours a day, and arrive at the scene to solve the problem as soon as possible.
4) We have our own accessories library to ensure the timely supply of various accessories for you.
5) Establish equipment user files, and archive the installation, commissioning and maintenance records of each equipment for preservation. Ensure that each product of each customer has the traceability of services and provide customers with technical support for the maintenance of each equipment.

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