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Common problems and product classification of scaffolding fasteners
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This product is generally used in construction projects and is an indispensable structural part. This kind of product is widely used. What problems should be paid attention to when using scaffolding fasteners? Next, I will introduce to you the problems that need to be paid attention to when using steel pipe scaffolding fasteners. The scaffolding pipes used for installing formwork brackets with steel pipe scaffolding fasteners should be sampled before use. Of course, the quality and appearance of steel pipes and fasteners should also be sampled. The relevant sampling quantity According to the relevant requirements, the random inspection is carried out according to a certain proportion, and those without permission or inspection shall not be used.

In engineering, we need to avoid the use of such substandard products to avoid failure and safety issues. Of course, in the whole process of using steel scaffolding, we should also pay attention to some problems in the use of scaffolding fasteners. It is strictly forbidden to throw steel pipes and fasteners from high altitude to the ground. The handling and handling of scaffolding fasteners must also be handled carefully and efficiently, and reasonable management methods should be adopted for the handling and transportation of steel pipes and fasteners. Scaffolding fasteners are divided into right-angle fasteners (cross fasteners directional fasteners), rotary fasteners (movable fasteners general fasteners), butt fasteners (straight fasteners straight fasteners) and so on. These are the commonly used types of fasteners, of which the right-angle fasteners are used more, and one right-angle fastener is used per meter of steel pipe.

Among them, the structural technology used for connection is very advanced, and its performance and strength exceed the standard required by the industry, which completely eliminates the hidden danger of scaffolding collapse caused by the fracture of old cast iron fasteners. It ensures that the steel pipe and the fastener are in a docking state with a large butt area, overcomes the point or line connection between the old fastener and the steel pipe, and eliminates the hidden danger of the steel pipe slipping, thereby ensuring and improving the overall mechanical performance and safety of the scaffolding. performance. After passivation and galvanizing, the anti-corrosion ability of scaffolding fasteners is greatly improved, and the service life is far longer than that of old fasteners. The former fasteners are light and beautiful, and the loading and unloading speed is accelerated and labor intensity is reduced.