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Specification for installation technical requirements of tower crane attachment wall
Time: 1655947785

Installation technical requirements of tower crane attached wall:

installation angle:

There are some problems in the installation angle from the current installation situation of the wall support of various projects of the company:

①The frame attached to the wall and the support are not on the same level, and the inclination angle is relatively large;

②The angle between the support and the building (tower face) is unreasonable;

Installation requirements:

①. The manufacturer's manual clearly stipulates that the horizontal inclination of the strut attached to the wall shall not be greater than 200MM;

②, the installation angle between the strut and the building should be 35-50 degrees. Exceeding this angle, the force of the strut and the weld is unreasonable, and the restraint ability of the tower crane in all directions is not equal.

Reinforcing measures for beams at embedded iron parts

As mentioned above, the design load of the strut is 126KN, which is the horizontal bearing capacity requirement of iron parts and beams (columns). In fact, this huge horizontal load was not considered in the structural design. There is an important reason for the accident that the iron parts of the tower crane attached to the wall of our company have been pulled out (also causing damage to the side beam) in several projects recently. , that is, there is no separate reinforcement measures for the beams anchoring the iron parts. Therefore, I need to regulate the construction of this area.

(1) Concrete strength

The concrete strength of the pre-embedded wall-attached iron pieces must reach above C25 before welding. C30 concrete needs to be maintained for more than five days. If the time is very tight, only the pouring grade of the concrete can be improved.

(2) Reinforcement of steel bars

①. The beam where the support point is located, especially the location where the iron parts are located, the stirrups must be provided with more than three hoops each according to the support structure of the primary and secondary beams.

②. Increase the torsion bar of the beam, and arrange reinforcement bars of ¢14@100 on the two sides of the beam to maintain the horizontal tensile force of the beam. If there is a cast-in-place slab on the beam, the reinforcing bar can be used to reinforce only the position where the iron piece is located.

(3) Position of the anchoring ring attached to the wall The anchoring ring should be installed at the butt joint of the standard section of the tower body or at the place where there is a horizontal web, and the main chord of the tower body section should be reinforced as needed. The anchoring ring must fasten the tower structure firmly and tightly without loosening.

(4) Welding seam between struts and iron pieces ①. Welding of struts and iron pieces must be carried out by personnel with welder employment certificate. ②. The welding seam shall not be shorter than 10CM, and the strut and the iron piece shall be double-sided lap welding.