Technical support

Technical support

Quality Control:

1. Quality policy and objectives: First, the qualified rate of finished product inspection is over 98%.
2. The qualified rate of the product is 100%. Finally, the customer satisfaction rate is over 95%.
2. According to the standard of the process drawing and related quality standards, our quality control department strictly inspects the product, and the production personnel strictly follow the drawing process to manufacture. During the review process, unqualified products shall not enter the next process, and qualified products shall be marked before entering the next process. Meanwhile, workers will retain inspection and testing of all qualified products.
3. Raw material control: First of all, our purchasing department will carefully review the raw materials according to the process requirements. Raw materials and components will then be inspected and tested by our quality control department to ensure the high quality of our products.

Cost Control:

1. All our equipment and molds have been evaluated for cost and quality, and our user department will maintain these equipment and molds regularly. At the same time, they keep maintenance records.
2. According to the technical requirements of the product, the purchasing department will review the supplier's supply ability, quality assurance ability, product quality and price, contract fulfillment rate, service quality, etc. And their location is also a factor to consider.

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