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▲ Double cage or single cage, loading capacity from 1000kg to 2000kg.
▲ Using frequency converter or DOL control system, there are low speed, medium speed and high speed.
▲ All production lines use special fixtures, moulds, measuring tools produced by ourselves to ensure that all sizes are suitable.
▲ The high-quality raw materials of China Baosteel Group are selected, the motors, reducers, gearboxes, safety devices and other accessories have low noise, and the electrical accessories of Schneider or German brands are of reliable quality.
▲ Compact and reasonable structure, special design, easy to install and adjust.

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Safety: The machine is novel and reasonable in structure, safe and reliable, equipped with broken rope protection, load limit, height limit, emergency braking, safe parking, etc., and complete safety devices.

Economic and practical: Compared with tower cranes, construction elevators, etc., the structure is simple, the practical maintenance is convenient, the erection speed is fast, and the operating cost is low.

High adaptability: The double hanging cages operate independently, allowing simultaneous work.

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Easy to install and remove

The hoistway construction hoist can be quickly installed in the hoistway using a tower crane. The whole machine can be disassembled into modules for easy transportation in the hoistway.

High efficiency
The hoistway construction hoist can follow the building to complete the lifting synchronously, which is efficient and fast.

Serve at the top
The hoistway construction hoist is based on rack and pinion technology to lift to the highest floors in a building.

Suitable for harsh working conditions
The hoistway construction hoist inherits the strong and durable design technology, which can operate perfectly in harsh working conditions.

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Safety : Nine safety guarantees that there are no hidden dangers in the construction process

Efficiency : The operation is not disturbed by the weather, and the transportation efficiency is high and the construction period is saved

Economy : Simultaneous construction inside and outside the building saves cost and construction period

Environmental protection : dust reduction and noise reduction are more environmentally friendly and civilized construction does not disturb the people

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▲ The whole machine adopts the beautiful shape which is widely acclaimed in the world.
▲ The crane has high working speed and good speed regulation performance. The luffing mechanism and the slewing mechanism adopt the world's most advanced variable frequency stepless speed regulation scheme, and the operation is more stable and reliable.
▲ The cab is independently installed outside, with good vision and large internal space, providing a good working environment for operators.
▲ Equipped with a variety of safety devices, all of which are mechanical or mechatronic products suitable for harsh working conditions, to ensure the reliable operation of the tower crane.

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All standard sections are treated by the overall sandblasting process. The surface is smoother and more beautiful. Anticorrosion sandblasted. Made with the highest quality paint in the tower crane industry for strong adhesion and durability.

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